My dear friend Stella has awarded me with the Liebster Blog Award.  Silly me just realized how the award works.  Thank you so much Stella for thinking on me.   I would love to blog more but I don’t always have the time.

Some background: Liebster is a German word, meaning favourite, dearest or beloved. The Liebster is awarded by bloggers to other, newer bloggers, who have fewer than 200 followers, to spread the word and help the newbies gain wider recognition.

The award comes with four conditions that each recipient must satisfy when accepting:

1. Post the award on your blog.  Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

2. Choose five up-and-coming blogs (with fewer than 200 followers) to award the Liebster to.

3. List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their sites. Leave comments on their blogs so they know about the award.

4. Share 5 random facts about yourself that people don’t know about you.

And the 5 blogs I have chosen are:

1.  Sandra:  She does lovely work.

2. Mylene:  Wonderful cross stitch work.

3. Marita:  lovely crocheting

4.  Susi:  Beautiful stitching and I love the fact that she spells her name as I do it.

5.  Zire:  beautiful sewing projects. Very inspiring.

About me:

1.   I am not a public person, so having a blog is a real challenge.  

2.  I love cute things.

3.  I love kisses and hugs.

4.    I am very chatty but enjoy silent moments as well.

5.  I love to cook and of course to eat.


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