Linen bunny – Conejito en tela de lino

A Tilda inspired bunny, hand-sewed.

Conejito inspirado en Tilda, cosido a mano.


Sweet bunny – Conejita de Tela

I was in the mood of doing some sewing and chose this lovely bunny designed by Jenny B Harris from site.   Instead of fluffy fabric I used linen for the body.  The dress is reversible.

Tenia ganas de hacer algo de costura y escogi este lindo patron diseñado por Jenny B. Harris de   En vez de la tela  de peluche utilice tela de lino.  El vestido es reversible.

Snuggles goes fishing – Pinguino amigurumi

Another adorable pattern of Stephanie from All About Ami. The pattern is very easy to follow and the result is lovely. My oldest son was very happy with his Penguin. He is just too cute!

Otro patron super cute de Stephanie de All About Ami.    Las instrucciones son claras y faciles de seguir y el resultado es lindo.  Mi hijo mayor quedo muy contento con su pinguino. 

Snuggles loves to fish!  A Snuggles le gusta ir de pesca!


Little Duckling – Pequeño patito

A cute little duck from Tomoko Takamori’s book “Kyuuto! ”  He is wearing a teddy bear hat.  Instructions for the teddy bear hat below.

Un lindo patito del libro de Tomoko Takamori “Kyuuto!”    Le hice un gorrito de oso que improvise.   Instrucciones para el gorrito de osito mas abajo.  

 To crochet a teddy bear hat or a bunny hat for your amigurumi it is very easy.   This is how I did mine, you can adecuate it and make it bigger just doing more increasing rounds to fit a bigger head. 

R1: Magic ring with 6 sc

R2: 2 sc in each stitch (12)

R3: 1 sc, 2 sc in next stitch, repeat (18)

R4: 2 sc, 2 sc in next stitch, repeat (24) 

R5: 3 sc, 2 sc in next stitch, repeat (30)

R6: 4 sc, 2 sc in next stitch, repeat (36)

R7: 5 sc, 2 sc in next stitch, repeat (42)

R8: 6 sc, 2 sc in next stitch, repeat (48)

R9: sc 48

R10: sc 23, decrease 1, sc 23, decrease 1. 

Now the ears:  I wanted big ears, so did a magic ring with 8 stitches, R2: sc 2 in each stitch (16); R3: sc 1, 2 sc in next stitch, repeat (22), R4-R5: 22 stitches.  To make bunny ears I would do the magic ring with 6 stitches and do more repeats in the end to make a long ear.

Cut a small oval cirle and embroider the nose, glue it or sew it to the hat and add the eyes.


Coneja Patilarga – Amigurumi bunny

My friend Stella from Mexico offered me a beautiful magazine with amigurumi patterns. I fell in love with this bunny and crocheted it immediately.   I improvised the dress as there were no instructions for it, just a photo. I am quite pleased with it.  The patterns from the magazine are from Angie Vega, who has a blog about amigurumis.

Mi amiga Stella de Mexico me regalo una linda revista de amigurumis.  Desde que vi la coneja me enamore y la teji de inmediato.  El vestidito lo improvise porque no hay instrucciones en la revista, solo una foto.  Me gusta como me ha quedado, para sacarlo al ojo no esta mal.  Los patrones de la revista son de Angie Vega, quien tiene un blog de amigurumis.