Chérie by Kim Hargreaves

I have some news FOs but I guess I was just being lazy to add them to my blog. It is not always easy to find the time to model the finished object and specially to get a nice picture of it.

Oh well, speaking about knitting I knitted Chérie by Kim Hargreaves. I am in love with this sweater, the fit is perfect and I knitted it with my favorite yarn Rowan Felted Tweed. I used 4 mm needles and only needles 5 balls. I did some modifications to get a nicer fit.


Cast on for size S, 95 stitches. Followed pattern for the decreases. Did only 1 increase an had 97 sts on the needle before starting shaping armholes.

I was aiming for a lower neck (6 cm less than the original pattern) so only knitted 80 rows and then started shaping armholes.

Raglan: Stopped decreases at 57 sts. Bind off.

Sleeves: CO 55 sts. Worked in rib for only 24 rows. First increase on 20th row (57 sts.) . Increased a total of 10 st each 12 th row (65 sts). Knitted 106 rows before shaping for armholes. Did the raglan decreases in the same way as for the front and back. Had 23 sts in the end. Bind off.

Neckband: Since I did not do all the decreases as per pattern finished with more stitches for the neck. Picked every stitch and the result was a broader neck.

By Kim Hargreaves
By Kim Hargreaves
By Kim Hargreaves
By Kim Hargreaves


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