While in Denmark my sister’s husband treated us with AEbleskivers.   The translation for its name is “apple slices” although there are no apples in the recipe.   They are like fluffly pancake balls.   I tried them with sugar syrup and they were delicious.  

My sister prepared them with me again so I could learn step by step.   In order to make them I needed a special aebleskiver pan.  We visited 3 stores and found it in one of them before leaving Denmark.   I was Lucky!



This is the recipe I used.

For 40 pièces approx.

2 eggs, 1 tsp. baking soda, 0.5 tsp. salt, 2 TBS white sugar, 250 gr. flour, 500 ml of natural yogurt.   Butter to brush the pan.

In a bowl whisk the egg, baking soda, salt and sugar.  Add the flour mix and add the natural yogurt.  

Let sit the mixture for 1 hour and then brush the aebleskiver pan with melted butter and pour a tablespoon of the mix in each cavitity of the pan.   Turn them as soon as bubbles appear using a brochette stick.




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