New knitted toys

Here are some toys that I knitted. The patterns are by Fuzzy Mittens.





Knitted bunny

I used chunky yarn (alpaca/acrylic)  and the result was a huge bunny.   The pattern is by Debi Birkin.

A picture of the teddy and bunny together, as you can see he is bigger than the teddy bear!

Little Monkey/Monito

Pattern is by Debi Birkin.

 This little monkey was knitted at the request of Barhoum.  He chosed the yarn colors of both the toy and the sweater.

 Tejido a pedido de Barhoum.  Quería un mono pequeñito y el mismo escogió los colores tanto del muñeco como de la chompa.

 Celine, c’est le petit singe dont je te parlais.  Il est mignon n’est-ce pas?